The Exclusiva Foundation is hosting the presentation of the editorial project Re-Act. Tools for Urban Reactivation.

The event, based on the format of the book Talks, Toolbox and Re-Actions, will witness the participation of experts and individuals engaged in the reactivation of cities, who will be illustrating the principles they follow and the results of the direct actions they promote.
Young architect Gianpiero Venturini, the co-author of the book together with Carlo Venegoni, will be discussing the processes of reactivation of abandoned urban spaces, which ensure the social and economic betterment of a city through spontaneous or planned actions.

In Europe the theme of urban reactivation is becoming increasingly relevant. A large number of interventions have been presented as accomplishing a radical change in the way of using urban spaces – and hence of doing things in a city. The actions carried out by private citizens and experts are contributing to the creation of a ‘toolbox’ for reactivation.
The Exclusiva Foundation itself has its headquarters in a regenerated space within the city of Rome: it is housed in a former foundry complex which has been converted into a design district that hosts a range of creative enterprises. Fondazione Exclusiva ospita la presentazione del progetto editoriale Re-Act. Tools for Urban Reactivation.


Tuesday 19 april 2016

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