The Rome office of Exclusiva Foundation, hosted the presentation of the Edison Pulse Prize, one of the most prestigious competitions for start up in Italy.

The Roadshow has arrived in Rome in search of the most innovative proposals in the areas Internet of Things, Low Carbon City and Sharing Economy.
Exclusiva Foundation, which aims to safeguard and promote creativity, creating international and interdisciplinary programs for young people, has welcomed the initiative of Edison for an open discussion on the state of innovation in Italy between Fausto Bianchi, President of young Unindustria, Carlo Alberto Pratesi, professor of Economy and Management of Companies at the Roma Tre University, Layla Pavone, CEO, Industry Innovation for Digital Magics, Giampaolo Manzella, vice president of Community Affairs Commission, Matteo dall’Amico, founder of My Snow Maps, winner of Edison Pulse 2015, Andrea Prandi, Executive vice president External Relations & Communication of Edison and Florian Ciornei, Head of Edison Digital Communication.

The meeting was also the occasion for the presentation of some of the best startup in Lazio region presenting their own projects. Participants: WallFarm, Snulplace,, Jump On, Ariawerables, Together Prize, Oreegano, GREENovation, Laqy, Intendime.


Giovedì 25 Febbraio 2016

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