Building up experience through creative interaction between talents is one of the main themes of the Fondazione Exclusiva programmes.

In line with this objective the foundation has decided to support and participate in the Capri Travelogue Project.

Travelogue is a training and educational project, in fact, it was conceived and established to familiarize the new generations with the language of contemporary art.

Over the years, Travelogue has seen the participation of important figures on the Italian contemporary art scene, from Sandro Chia to Ettore Spalletti, Gianfranco Baruchello, mid-career and younger generation artists.

The objective is to provide a formative experience, which includes dialogue and discussion on art as well as practical activities, thus promoting a link between the artists and the place hosting them.  The students from Capri’s schools take part in an extracurricular cultural activity, during which they acquire new knowledge in the field of the arts from professionals, while the artists invited draw inspiration from the Island of Capri, its history and their interaction with the students.

The programme comprises two workshops conducted by two of the most representative artists of the Italian contemporary art scene: Liliano Moro and Stefano Arienti. In their works both of them have often engaged with natural elements, landscape, perception and alienation, drawing on history and the individual and collective memory, in order to offer new perspectives and visions.

The Travelogue project, supported by Fondazione Exclusiva, is part of the Anacapri Landscape Festival, organized by Arianna Rosica, Gianluca Riccio and Damiano Gulli.


4 May – 25 September 2016

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