The Exclusiva Foundation presents the photographic exhibition ‘THE VIRTUAL JOURNEY. Satellite views’ by Max Serradifalco.
Fourteen photo shots illustrate Serradifalco’s virtual quest to find the most striking sceneries our planet has to offer.

His artistic reportages based on the use of satellite images are truly unique, not least because they do not include any digital manipulation.
The artificial orbiting body through which Serradifalco observes the world is an apparatus that is constantly assimilating data: two eyes – that of the photographer and that of the satellite – are therefore integrated through the use of post-telematic technologies and methods.

The Exclusiva Foundation, a non-profit body for the promotion of young talents, has chosen to illustrate the outcome of this journey through a project which combines technological innovation, the raising of environmental awareness and artistic experimentation.

The photographs on display have been selected from three cycles of works: Web Landscape Photography, which brings together the first satellite views of Earth; E-ART-H, where Serradifalco searches for resemblances between landscape from our planet and artistic masterpieces; and finally the Earth / Portrait collection, devoted to sceneries that resemble human features.

Fondazione Exclusiva
Martedì 19 aprile 2016, ore 19
Via Giovanni di Castel Bolognese 81, Roma


Tuesday 19 april 2016

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