Area81, the venue of Fondazione Exclusiva in Rome, is located in an area with a strong creative and productive nature; it’s situated between Porta Portese and the ex-slaughterhouse.

The architectural complex was an industrial plant of a metal foundry; the structures, which have all different sizes, are gathered around a central courtyard where it’s still visible the track for the transport of metallurgical products.

The complex covers an area of 500 square meters.

The space is distinguished by its industrial character: iron trusses, balconies and facing brickworks. In November 2015, the headquarter was opened as a result of the restructuring project because of the the multiple activities that welcomes (exhibitions, conferences, workshops, courses, managemnet and secretariat).

The exhibitions ribbons alternate to the pre-existing diaphragms; the natural light and the new lighting project are mix together, becoming the hallmarks of space.

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